Title: WHO RFP 2020/EURO/MDA/0030: Re-engineering of the electronic platform of the surveillance system for communicable diseases and public health events and development of the updated information technology (IT) solution for the nominal cases notification, including COVID-19 cases and associated reports generation, including GIS presentation.

UN tender

Reg. no.: UN Tender20/02192

Launch date: 15 December 2020, 18:26 (GMT+2:00)

Extended deadline: 14 January 2021, 12:00 (GMT+2:00)

Procurement method: UN Tender


Dear Sir / Madam,

You are invited to submit a proposal for the above subject RFP for the World Health Organization, WHO Country Office in the
Republic of Moldova, in accordance with the attached documents.

The offers must be received at WHO at the address eurowhomda@who.int no later than 24 December 2020 at 12:00 PM Chisinau
time. Evaluation of offers and selection of a vendor will be performed in accordance with the attached RFP.

Yours sincerely,

WHO Country Office in the Republic of Moldova

Supporting documents:

Annex 1-6
Annex 7_Terms of References
Annex 8_Concept Note
Annex 9_Financial Proposal
Request for Proposals

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